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  1. Twitch TOS applies at GSRP
  2. Must be over 16 years of age & be willing to provide proof of such if asked
  3. Must have a working microphone & be willing and able to roleplay using voice in English
  4. Must be a member of the GSRP Discord at all times


Any racism, sexism, or homophobia will not be tolerated in or out of character. Even though the server is set in the late 1800s any hint of these things will not be allowed under any circumstance, even if there are willing parties.

There will be zero tolerance for harassment or griefing a person in or out of character that is based on discrimination.

While a member of the GunSmokeRP community you will be expected to exhibit respect towards your fellow community members, the admin team and the community as a whole at all times, across all platforms. We are committed to staying a polite, friendly and respectful place for a wide range of people and personalities to come together to roleplay and enjoy themselves. We will not allow for this to be threatened by toxicity from any angle.

The GunSmokeRP team also remains committed to being open to constructive criticism and change and we extend an invitation to any community member to use the appropriate avenues to share feedback and ideas.

Erotic roleplay (E-RP) is not allowed on GunSmokeRP in any fashion, this is explicitly forbidden. This is including but not limited to trying to force any sort of sexual activity onto any player, or engaging in non-consensual sexual RP.  Any willing parties of such acts will be permanently removed from the server.

Use the links below to navigate through the rules…

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