Post office Handbook

Mail in GunSmoke will not work in the way you might be familiar with from other RP servers. GunSmoke County is a large area and mail is not an immediate way of contacting someone, your letter or package might not be sent/able to be picked up for a couple of days. If you need to get word to someone immediately you will have to find them in person or pay to send a telegram.

Eastern Concord Co. is the umbrella under which all the post offices are managed and Pony Express riders are employed. Eastern Concord will pay wranglers well for fast, reliable horses. If you are a wrangler and would like to find out about Eastern Concord contracts please seek out your local Post Office Master or Mistress.


Each town is required to have a post office for their citizens, whether they have a Post Office Master/Mistress or not. This building should be kept publically accessible at all times. Town Mayors should order sufficient wall mailboxes from a Blacksmith to cater for all their citizens.


In townships mailboxes should be located at post offices, not at personal abodes. If you don’t live in a township you may have a mailbox at your ranch/homestead, you will not receive Pony Express mail without one. Remember, it is against the rules to steal mail in GSRP.


Pony Express mail is managed through a network of town post offices that have the post office master/mistress perk. This perk grants the town’s citizens to purchase and use journals to send longer letters, send telegrams & employ fast messengers to convey mail and packages in the quickest time between towns and settlements. Towns which have this perk also receive a $100 seasonal stipend from the Federal Bank for the express purpose of employing Pony Express riders and buying specifically bred horses from wranglers.

Pony Express riders must be registered at the bank by the PO Master or Mistress. Each town may register up to 4 riders. Each registered Pony Express rider will receive one additional animal slot for their Pony Express pony. These ponies must be kept in a special sole-use barn within the town that purchased the pony. This barn must be clearly identified as the Pony Express barn and should be pin locked so only Post Office employees have access to it. 

Pony Express ponies must be tagged ‘Pony Express – rider’s last name’ and they must be neutered on purchase. Any Pony Express ponies found housed at individual abodes, not tagged correctly or that haven’t been neutered will result in significant fines for both the owning town and the Pony Express rider.


Post Office Masters and Mistresses can buy journals for resale from the Federal Bank. These are sold in batches of 15 for $5. These are to be sold via post offices for the specific purpose of sending mail via the Pony Express. They should only be used if required and if a note will be sufficient then please use notes. Each letter should use a new journal, no more than 15 pages should be used & they should be sold singularly, once sold they should be written immediately and returned to the Post Office Master/Mistress for passing to the next available rider.

If using journals to send mail they should be titled as ‘Name of Settlement – Name of Recipient’ in order to assist the Pony Express riders’ deliveries.

As many people will be aware, some other high population servers have experienced issues with journals, if they’re used within these rules we hope we will not have to go down the same route but if they’re abused we will remove them.


For a fee your town’s citizens can send a telegram to a resident of another settlement via the post office. The settlement you’re sending to must have a post office and a current Post Office Master/Mistress to receive the telegram. The post office master/mistress will post this to the ‘Telegrams’ Discord channel only they have access to.

The receiving Post Office Master/Mistress is then responsible for getting the message to the recipient, either by employing messengers or doing it themselves.

Telegrams should state the Post Office Master/Mistress & township it is being sent to and the info must be known IC. As an example, if you are a post office master of Grand Ridge and you have a customer wanting to send a telegraph to Canyon Township you will only be able to accommodate them if you know IC there is a post office and post office master/mistress in that town.

Telegrams will be limited to 150 characters and should be transcribed onto a note for IC use. Sender/recipient & date/time info should also be noted on note.

The cost of sending mail/telegrams will be set at a county level, however there is an opportunity for corruption, post office masters/mistresses might inflate prices beyond the state amounts, if they’re willing to deal with the potential consequences that is!


This tariff is set as a guide at a county level, however, Post Office Masters/Mistresses may set their own prices as they please.


$ 1.00 PER ITEM


$ 0.50 Per ITEM


$ 2.00 Per ITEM


The post office income will belong to the settlement as a whole, in the first degree this will be managed by the Mayor of each settlement, from this amount a Post Office Master/Mistress salary should be agreed, plus of course payment for riders which should be taken from the Eastern Concord seasonal stipend. It will serve the settlement as a whole (potentially especially so the Mayor) to encourage citizens to use the post office systems. Post office takings must be kept at the town bank & the Post Office Master/Mistress should update the town’s paperwork to keep track of all income/expenditure.

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