Player etiquette

The structure and rules we as the GunSmoke admin team have put in place are only going to go some of the way to ensuring this is an exciting, immersive and fun place to be. The rest is all up to you, the community. With that in mind please read the following information and guidelines and keep them in mind when in the Discord or on the server.


Unofficial Discord Servers

If you set up a Discord server for your town/settlement/group it is required that a GSRP admin is invited and given access to read all channels of the server.

Group Voice Chats

Please do not use Discord to group voice chat while roleplaying. Having to flip back and forth takes you away from immersion and devalues your own RP experience.


Withdrawal Slips

Withdrawal slips are simply notes you should put your name on plus the purpose of your bank visit, so that might be ‘withdrawal [amount]’, mines [number & size], oil rig, business license [type], etc. If you do not complete a withdrawal slip you will be asked to do so and rejoin the queue.

Quiet in the Bank!

The only people who should be talking in the bank are Federal Bank employees and the people at the front of queues, if requested to answer any questions posed by the bankers. Please leave the bank immediately once you’ve received what you came to get and feel free to converse in the saloon if you’re not queueing at the bank.

Public Disturbances

Creating disturbances at the bank will result in in-character repurcussions including having money deducted from your starter money as a fine and repeated disturbance creating behaviour will result in you becoming a wanted person and liable for arrest and suitable punishment.

  • First disturbance: Verbal warning
  • Second disturbance: $5 fine
  • Third disturbance: $10 fine
  • Further disturbances: Subject to arrest


The GSRP admin team has no interest in whether individual players consider any roleplay to be fair or not and unless something violates one of the server rules as outlined we will not get involved in matters of roleplay save to offer help with understanding the rules.

That isn’t to say we discourage your feedback if you believe there are rules that should be tightened up, don’t make sense or should be changed, but moaning and stamping feet style DMs or messages in Discord will not be accepted. If you are roleplaying on GSRP you are an adult, you will be expected to behave like one, and part of that is accepting that things in roleplay, as with life, will not always go your way.

This isn’t just your story, you are helping to weave a tapestry of a multitude of stories and in some of them, you will be on the losing side.

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