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We are very proud of the standards of roleplay we expect from ourselves and the community as whole on GunSmoke. We also welcome newer roleplayers enthusiastically, we’re all ready and willing to help the new player settle into how we do things here. As a guide for both these new roleplayers and for oldies who are looking for tips and tricks they’ve not considered before, we have created this page where players of all experiences can come together to share the benefit of their advice.

All advice on this page has been moderated by the GSRP admin team so you can be confident of the quality of suggestions and advice offered. Looking for help with something specific? Use CTRL+F to search this page.



First introduce yourself, your name, age, appearance, anything that people would notice immediately. Then some background. Where you grew up, some family history and/or any defining characters from your past that had influence on you.

Then, YOUR TRADE. This is most likely how you will spend a lot of your time on the server. So we ask you to think about this a little. How did you learn your trade and why? Who taught you? What drove you to become a carpenter/doctor etc. Add any previous experience that involves your trade that is relevant to your character and their personality.

Next, WHO ARE YOU? Write some information that describes your characteristics and/or personality. What drives you as a character? Use your story to show this, maybe explain a past situation and how you acted within it to give the admin team an idea who your character is and what they stand for. Maybe this situation also involves your trade and you can use it to describe your proficiency or lack thereof.

WHY GUNSMOKE? Give us a reason why you are moving to the frontier. There must be a reason your character is travelling to Gunsmoke, we want to know what it is. Are you seeking fame and fortune, escaping from some sort of situation, what is the reason you want a fresh start?

REMEMBER Make sure your story fits with the late 19th Century setting.
Put some effort in, we want players to invest in their characters, you can show us how you are invested by spending time perfecting your backstory and getting creative with it, you will also get to 'know' your character a bit more and it should make your first RP encounters with the character a little easier as you will have an idea of that characters personality and how they might react to certain situations. ie. Would they be friendly/shy/boisterous when meeting new people etc.

Your character name should not be from a historical figure, popular culture, books/films/games etc.




Don't be afraid or nervous when you first get to the County, everyone was new at one time or another and pretty much everyone is nice and helpful!

For some, the thought of voice roleplay is daunting so try practicing in the mirror a few times, then move on to recording yourself and listening back, this will help you with diction and if you are putting on an accent, it will help you nail it down too.

If you haven't played ARK before, or have only played a little, then before you log in, do some research - play the base game for a few hours, read one of the 1000 guides out there on ARK for beginners. If there is a game mechanic that you can't research (as it is unique to Gunsmoke) then don't choose the 'easy option' and ask in Discord - instead, ask the questions in game; roleplay is the whole point!

Don't worry if you stumble over calling something by it's common name e.g. 'inventory' most players will correct you, but this is most important - take note of what others say to describe in game mechanics and use their words such as 'saddle bags' for 'horse inventory' or 'pockets' for personal inventory.

Once you have the basics down then you can come up with more inventive terminology on your own!





Be natural, don’t force acting. You want to sound like you and not like you are pretending. Become the character and respond in the way they would but as it is you.





When needing to go AFK or BRB instead of saying that (admin's note - which you should never say, nor 'I need to go in my head') you could use - 'May I please use your bathroom?' Or you could check your saddle bags. I personally dislike the use of saddle bags. Everyone uses I need to check my pockets or saddle bags. We are human and we do need to use a toilet right? I very rarely meet people who use that as a BRB method. Or even go take a shower. Or go wash some dishes. Or I need to clean my house. There are other methods then checking pockets of saddle bags all the time. So have a little think next time you go AFK or BRB.



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New advice that passes moderation will be added as and when we have the time to do so. Please do not include any meta information in your submission and please leave in-world fun stuff for people to discover in-world. We will not inform anyone if/when their submission has been added and please do not ask for us to do so.

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