MAYOR Handbook

The job of town mayor is not an easy one. It comes with a lot of power, and as always with power, a lot of responsibility. It is not a task to take on lightly nor without fully informing yourself of your duties should you decide to undertake the mantel. The role of mayor is to fulfil multiple purposes:

  1. To recruit sufficient support & money to found a town.
  2. To allocate citizens to certain required positions (sheriff, justice of the peace).
  3. To spearhead the building & maintaining of your new town.
  4. To manage your town’s income and to ensure your town can afford to pay for salaries and the end of season holding deed.
  5. To win your citizens’ votes for election periods through either winning their hearts & minds or by using… alternative methods.
  6. To take ultimate responsibility for the punishment or rehabilitation of minor criminals in your town.
  7. To support your sheriff and deputies in their work.


The cost of starting a new town is $500. It is up to you as the prospective mayor to rally your starting citizens and raise these funds. There is a limit of 10 towns allowed at any one time in GunSmoke County. You can visit the land office in Juniper to see if there are any spots available.


When you come to the bank to start the town founding process you will need to provide the Federal Bank with some financial planning information. This consists of how much on a weekly basis you intend to pay your sheriff & any deputies, the amount of payment you’ll be taking as your mayoral salary, as well as your intentions for saving for expansions and perks. The minimum wage in GunSmoke County is $25 weekly.

It is mandatory for each town to put $150 away each week for a holding certificate.


Each week the Federal Bank will be looking to see the above amount plus salaries for the mayor, sheriff, deputies, post office master/mistress, banker and JotP in your vault. It is up to individuals to give you back their salary if they wish to but it is necessary the town still has the salary available.


To be applicable to purchase a town deed you will need to obtain an initial 5 signatories of support from fellow GunSmoke County citizens. Citizens can only act as a signatory for one mayor per season and the citizens who sign for you will be expected to take up residence in your township, at least initially. Citizens can leave any township at any time and move to a different one (or set up independently), however they’re not able to act as signatories more than once per season.

Once you have your signatories you will need to establish which of these citizens will fulfil the roles of sheriff and justice of the peace. You will not be able to start a new town without citizens willing to undertake these roles. In order to be able to purchase your end of season holding certificate your town must have an active sheriff and justice of the peace to avoid being dissolved. There is an activity requirement of 15hrs per week that you, your sheriff and JoP must be active on the server. Every town must have an active sheriff and JotP at all times throughout the season.

Got your sheriff and justice of the peace? Next you will need to visit the bank with your signatories. We understand due to time differences and schedules it can be hard to get 6 people in one place at one time so your signatories can register after your initial application, just bear in mind the bank will not give you your deed (confirmed location and permission to build) until all signatories have been registered.


At the time of application you will be asked for the location of the land you want to build your township. You will need to take a screenshot of your proposed location with your map open & send it to the member of the admin team dealing with your request. This is so the banker can scope your location to determine whether it is suitable for a township. Once full payment has been received and your documentation is in place and the bank has approved your application you will be given a land deed.


Your township size should be representative of your citizenship and should follow the Old West aesthetic. You are free to organise your township however you choose, within the rules given here and within the main rules document, however, if building a traditional Old West town, you should have the following as standard: town hall, jail/sheriff’s office, bank, post office & visitors’ stable. It is expected that some townsfolk will live above their place of business, bear this in mind while building your town.

Please see the Building Rules page for more detailed information on the rules surrounding the building of towns and homesteads.


Every town requires 4 buildings to operate and you should ensure these are built in a timely fashion (usually expected within 1 week of town deed purchase) to avoid potential Federal Bank fines. These are:

Town Hall (where your mayoral office should be based)
Sheriff’s Office/Jail – remember each cell must be built with a permanently open window to the outside.
Post Office – (should be kept accessible to the general public at all times) where your citizens will have their mailboxes.
Bank – where you will keep your bank vault and citizen lockboxes. Vaults should kept separately from lockboxes. The town vault should be placed and kept within one foundation’s width of an exterior wall at all times.


A bank is one of a town’s required buildings. All town dollars collected to pay for end of season holding certificates and/or town expansions and/or perks should be stored within the town bank vault. This means any rents you collect, any fines you levy, any donations from your citizens given to the town MUST be stored in this vault. The town vaults have an interest accruing system which means the more funds you store, the more interest you gain. Interest is calculated based on an average of how much is stored within the vault over approx 24hrs. It is part of your responsibility as mayor to keep a close eye on your town’s assets and your paperwork should be kept in order. If your paperwork and your bank’s contents do not align you may be fined by the Federal Bank. Please follow the relevant building rules when building your bank (see above and the main building rules page). Your citizens may place their money & valuables in the town bank or not as they choose. The town’s vault should be separated from your citizens’ lock-boxes.


Your initial land deed comes with a citizen restriction of 6. This is made up of the mayor (that’s you!), and your 5 signatories. Extra citizenship slots can be purchased through town expansions, as detailed in the next section. 

All salaried positions in a town must be held by separate individuals.


As a Mayor you have full control over who you do and do not wish to reside in your town. You do not have to give any reason for the eviction of a citizen if you do not wish to. If there are current citizens you wish to evict this must be done in role play unless they’ve not logged in for a period of longer than 1 real time week. Before you evict any citizen for not logging in you must contact an admin to have it cleared.

Please note that anything in your citizens’ home areas or in their inventories is personal property and you must not remove any personal property or cash under any circumstances. Property left in communal spaces like shops or workshops belongs to the town and will not be returned to individual citizens who are evicted from a town, also any work done or resources gathered while a citizen is part of a town will not be compensated for if they are evicted, unless at the Mayor’s sole discretion. It is recommended that every citizen keeps anything they do not want to risk being taken (no matter how much you might trust your neighbours and mayor) within their residence, if items are left within communal areas outside your residence they can be taken by any resident for their own use and it will not be considered stealing.

If for whatever reason a citizen cannot clear their house & belongings straight away you should ensure their property is kept safe and is somewhere where they can freely collect it, such as a pin coded chest.

Disagreements resulting from town evictions are role play issues and must be dealt with in character. The admin team will not get involved in these matters unless there have been rule breaks.



$ 800 10 CITIZENS


$ 1000 15 CITIZENS


$ 1500 20 CITIZENS

These must be bought in order. You cannot purchase a new town deed and then immediately pay $1,500 to increase your citizenship to 20, you need to purchase the small, then the medium expansions first. If you are especially hard-working and ambitious and wish to buy a town deed with full expansions you will need to raise a total of $3,800. These sums are intentionally expensive. We want towns to grow over time and both initial town deeds and expansions will require time, work and commitment.


This perk enables you, the mayor, to assign a citizen to act as your town’s post office master or mistress. This will enable your town to be ‘hooked up’ to the Pony Express route and your post office master/mistress will be responsible for managing the town’s Pony Express riders.

Having an active post office master or mistress enables your town to use the telegram system as explained in the Post Office Handbook.

This perk also entitles your post office to act as agents for the admin controlled Eastern Concord Co. and will receive a seasonal stipend of $100 for the express use of purchasing Pony Express horses from wranglers and employing Pony Express messengers. This stipend and any salaries paid/horses purchased must be detailed in your town’s accounts.

The PO master/mistress perk is available at the Federal Bank and both mayor and the proposed master/mistress should be present at purchase.




This perk is only available after the purchase of the Post Office perk. The banker perk enables you to assign a citizen to act as your town banker. Your town banker is responsible for managing the town’s finances and ensuring the bank and finances are up to code for Federal inspections. Mayors register their banker in the same way as they do sheriffs, i.e. they must do so IC at the bank.

The perk entitles your town to purchase 2 types of exclusive vaults: the ‘upgraded vault’ has an interest rate of 7.5% and is purchased from the Federal Bank for $200. The rules pertaining to this vault are the same as the standard vault (i.e. it must be on the ground floor and within 1 foundation’s depth of an exterior wall) and of course can still be broken into and stolen from.

The ‘citizen vault’ has an interest rate of 5% and is purchased from the Federal Bank for $100. This vault may be placed above ground level and does not need to be within any particular distance of an exterior wall. The citizen vault may be broken into & stolen from.

Only one of each vault type may be housed in each town’s bank, except for large towns, which may have two citizen vaults.

banker PERK



The start of each GunSmoke season will be marked with mayor elections. 

The election period will be announced via the Federal Bank and there will be a period of 48hrs for candidates to announce their intention to run for office, this is done by coming to the Federal Bank. If after the announcement period nobody states they are running against the current mayor the existing mayor will automatically retain their seat. These elections can be corrupted through role-play (bribes given, threats made, etc) however votes will be made at the Federal Bank and votes themselves cannot be affected through role-play once made. Votes will be counted by Federal Bank employees and the successful candidates announced.

If a mayor doesn’t meet their activity requirements for a week without the prior acceptance and agreement with GSRP staff an interim mayor must be allocated, this is done by the JotP and sheriff of a town visiting the bank during opening times with their allocated person. This will then be announced in IC Announcements and there will be 48hrs for residents to put themselves forward as mayoral candidates. If no candidates come forward within 48hrs the town will be dissolved. If only one person puts themselves forward there will need to be a vote between that person and the town dissolving. At least half of a town’s residents must vote to avoid dissolution.

While official election season is at the beginning of each season if enough residents of a town are unhappy with their current mayor an election can be called with a majority vote. This means if more than half of a town’s residents register a vote of no confidence in their current mayor an election will be triggered. Once we receive one vote of no confidence there will be an IC announcement that a vote of no confidence has been received and this will trigger a period of one week for other votes to be submitted. After this period the votes will be discarded and it will require a new vote of no confidence to start the process again.

Residents register a vote of no confidence by coming to the Federal Bank, if/when enough votes have been received to trigger an election this will be announced in IC Announcements. There will then be a period of 48hrs for residents to put themselves forward as mayoral candidates. We will only allow 2 votes of no confidence per person, per season.

Votes of no confidence can only be registered by citizens with at least 8hrs of weekly play time in the previous two weeks to registering their vote. The overall count of eligible citizens will be the number considered during the voting, for example if a large town only has 14 citizens that meet the 8hrs weekly play time requirement the 50% of votes required to trigger the election will be 50% of 14, not 50% of the entire number of citizens.

Once we have announced a vote of no confidence has been received this freezes any citizenship changes within the respective town until the end of the process. No citizens may be added or removed from the town/tribe until the process comes to an end. Additionally no tribe permission changes may happen during the process. If for any reason a mayor needs to make any changes to their tribe permission settings during this time they should reach out to a member of staff for permission.

After this time is up if nobody has put themselves forward the town will be dissolved. If there are candidates this will be announced and the voting window opened. Mayors who have votes of no confidence passed against them may nominate themselves to run in the proceeding election but if nobody else nominates themselves to run against the existing mayor the town will be dissolved. Voting will run for another 48hrs and residents will need to come to the bank to vote, this is done by putting your character’s name, town of residence and who you’re voting for on a note and giving it to a banker who will register the vote for you. At the end of the voting window the successful mayor will be announced.

At this time the in-situ mayor must promote the successful candidate to admin within the tribe settings and if they are planning on remaining within the town they must be demoted from a tribe admin position. Please note, nobody may be added or removed from the town’s tribe between the motion of no confidence being announced and the successful mayoral candidate being promoted to tribe admin.

If an in-situ mayor decides to voluntarily retire from their position an election MUST be held, it is not a position that can just be ‘handed down’ to whoever is the mayor’s choice. If a mayor decides they no longer want to hold their position, and there is nobody who is willing to put themselves up for election from the citizenship, that township will be dissolved and the Federal Bank will claim all town assets.

Any towns that end the season without the must have roles of mayor, sheriff and justice of the peace filled will be dissolved.


Towns wishing to remain from one season to the next must buy a holding certificate before the end of each season. The funds saved for the deed are part of what must be stored at the town bank. There will be no refunds for holding deeds purchased but no longer required. Admins will place land deeds before the new season starts.

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