How to Join

  • Make sure you read and follow all application rules & guidelines, you will only get two opportunities to correct any mistakes or omissions.
  • Your character will need a proper first and last name. You may introduce yourself as anything you choose but your ARK name plate should be your full first and last name.
  • Character backstories should reference your life before arriving in Gunsmoke County and include how you learned your chosen class. While covering your class is important we also want to know who your character is as a person, what shaped their life and personality until this point. You should also make sure you tell us what brings your character to GunSmoke County. Unless you are re-rolling trades with an existing character your character is travelling to GunSmoke County for the first time therefore you shouldn’t include any prior experience of living in GunSmoke County.
  • Backstories should be at least 750 characters (not words) and should not be overly long (2,000 max).
  • The staff team advise splitting your 750+ characters into three roughly equal parts, covering the above elements, class, personality & reasons for coming to GunSmoke.
  • Make sure you have an understanding of the time & setting of GSRP before writing your application. Stories that reference taverns, vikings, warriors or anything else blatantly foreign to the GunSmokeRP setting will be denied.
  • You may not have the same name as a historical real life person i.e. Billy the Kid, Doc Holliday nor name your character from any book, game or movie. In addition you may not play the relative of such a character or person.
  • Once you’ve read the rules on this website and are confident you understand your class restrictions and have written your backstory (we advise doing so in a word processing doc or Google docs rather than writing directly on the app page which may time out) you are ready to apply. Please be sure to follow all guidelines on the application page before you submit your application.


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