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How many minutes must a convicted person be given before execution for a high crime?
The only acceptable methods of execution in GunSmoke County are and .
Select all the HIGH crimes that carry a sentence of perma-death execution.
The prosecution may call up to 5 witnesses to give testimony during a high crime trial.
A judge suspects a witness has been threatened into giving false testimony; calling a mistrial and discarding the witness testimony is a suitable course of action.
What information must be documented in the court records after each trial? Select all that apply.
In the case of a mistrial by judge or JotP incompetency the accused person should be consulted to set a new trial date within real time days.
It becomes apparent the prosecution does not have sufficient proof to convict the accused of one of the crimes they've been charged with. It is listed as a charge in the IC trial announcement. Can the charge be 'put to one side' to be dealt with at a future trial?
Which parties can call for a mistrial for the reason of prosecution incompetency?
Can objections be called during opening or closing statements?
When an objection is raised both parties should stop until the judge has given their ruling.
While it is a fine RP choice to make your character a bad judge in character, everyone should know the rules and courtroom process OOC. The following questions pertain to the process of a trial.
When hearing opening statements which party goes first?
Before testifying a witness is generally what by the bailiff?
Should the judge ask questions of their own to a witness, defendant or prosecutor?
It is the judge's responsibility to ensure both the prosecution & defence are competent to complete their task. If a defendant elects to defend themselves but the judge does not consider them competent to do so, the court should be adjourned and a should be lodged.
When hearing closing arguments, which party goes first?
While we understand most people taking this bar exam are not RL lawyers, for the sake of immersion and sense we are going to cover some commonly misunderstood terminology. This does not mean your character needs to be a good lawyer/judge. It is perfectly acceptable to play a character that is unknowledgeable or simply bad at their job. However, if this isn't the case for your character, we hope the following helps.

For more information on hearsay please take a look at this easy to understand video: Hearsay Evidence: What You Need to Know

For more information on leading questions please take a look at this easy to understand video: Objection to Leading Question? Try Rephrasing

For more information on speculation, as well as several other common objections please take a look at this easy to understand video: OBJECTION! Master These 18 Essential Courtroom Objections
Thanks for completing the GunSmoke County Bar Exam. We wish you luck in your future legal endeavours.

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