building rules

Juniper City and Juniper Depot are the only permanent town structures in GunSmoke County, there will be no other permanent season to season homesteads or town structures without the purchase of seasonal holding certificates from the Federal Bank.

If you are living in a town you may have a shop/business build and a separate home build as part of the same town so long as both are within 25 foundations of Main Street. If you are living outside of a town in a homestead or ranch you may only have one building spot but may have multiple buildings in your applicable land spread. Using the pin lock system for doors you may rent a shop front in towns where you are not a citizen.

There are three main categories of occupied land in GunSmoke County; townships, ranches and homesteads. To avoid ambiguity:

A township is a group of businesses and dwellings, managed and founded by a Mayor.

A homestead is a plot of land occupied by a sole party, or family, and should be used as a primary abode, although a business can be run from the property as well.

A ranch is a farm like landholding for wranglers and farmers to raise and keep livestock.


Claiming large areas of land for future builds with signs or single foundations is not permitted. If anything is being used to claim land without the beginning of a build we will remove it without warning.


No bridges over water or across a canyon or expanse. The only exception to this is if there is a small pond on your homestead or ranch land that completely falls within your land spread.


Building a structure to block any mine or resource spawn point will not be permitted. No placing anything inside mines.


Putting a prospecting mine inside a building or a locked enclosure is not permitted.


Oil rigs are only buildable on oil veins & require regular maintenance to stop them from falling apart. You may not build around a rig but you may place a sign with ownership information or a standing mailbox outside it.


Building on rafts is not permissible. Fishing rafts are allowed with a chest, a sleeping bag, and chairs. Boats not docked or immediately in front of a settlement will be destroyed by the admin team without warning.


No walled off compounds or gated off communities. Towns, homesteads, and ranches should be accessible by anyone at any time.


Please clear up after yourself. No leaving boxes outside of mines. Clear up campfires after you've finished using them & destroy boats/rafts after use.


No more than 5 people can occupy a ranch or homestead at any given time. Your family tribe should not exceed 5 members. Anymore than 5 will have to apply for a township and follow the rules and regulations.

No building may be larger than 8×10. You are expected to build a home that makes sense size wise for the people residing in it. If you are a single person with a 8×10 mansion without an appropriate RP reason for the extravagance and wealth you may be asked to remodel. GunSmoke County is not a rich county, please bear the necessary materials and manpower required in mind when building your home. Saloons on homestead or ranch land may be no larger than 5×7.

Homesteads should not exceed 100 foundations spread out within a 15×15 spread.

Ranches for Farmers and Wranglers should not exceed a 150 foundation limit spread out within a 20×20 spread.

Please keep in mind your neighbors and do not encroach on their space. Gunsmoke County is large enough to accommodate everyone.

Wall height no taller than 3 walls if using CKF or 4 if using vanilla, from the ground. Treehouses or similar on stilt dwellings are not permitted. Single height decorative railings on top of buildings, above roofs, do not count towards the height limit. Anything built on top of the first foundation or first pillar in the ground is counted in the height count.

Barns no more than 8×10, maximum of 4 walls high. Must stay within the Ranch land spread requirements. There are no huge animals in GS, please try and keep your barns only as big as you actually need them to be. Consider having your animals in fenced enclosures or if you must have them in barns opt for more than one smaller barn rather than one huge one.

If you live by the water you may have a small dock. In order to avoid blocking any fish or water based spawns docks should not exceed 2 foundations into the water. No building over water as this blocks water based spawns.

Single height settler fence may be used to mark the boundary of property but must not be completely closed off. Palisades, barbed wire fence or double height settler fences should be used for animal or crop enclosures only.

You may run a shop, saloon, service or business from your ranch or homestead. This business must be run from a separate building to your home and must be built for purpose (i.e. no running a barbers from your kitchen). All buildings must be kept within the general building size/spread rules. There should be no more than 2 buildings set up for shops/businesses on any ranch or homestead. If tribe members need further buildings for shops/businesses they will need to either save for a town purchase or split into a separate tribe and build separately.


Towns have an initial base occupancy of 6. This can be increased to 10, then 15 and finally 20 through the purchase of town expansions.

It is expected that some townsfolk will choose to live above their place of business, bear this in mind while building your town. Homes not above businesses should not be built on Main Street, this is the retail center of each town. Citizens may choose to build a home separately from their business but it must be within 25 foundations of Main Street and must follow all appropriate homestead/ranch rules. Citizens must house their animals at their home, i.e. no huge barn structures where all townsfolk leave their animals.

Your township size should be representative of your citizenship and should follow the Old West aesthetic. You are free to organise your township however you choose, within the rules given here and within the main handbook, however you should have the following as standard: Town Hall/Mayor’s Office, Jail/Sheriff’s Office, Bank, Post Office & Public Stable.

While you do have some freedom in the formation of your town you must have a ‘main street’, this is a road that should be 4-6 foundations wide and it must run from the start of your town to the end. Please see the pictures below for some ideas of how to set your town out.

Towns are held to the same rules pertaining to fencing as homestead & ranches. Any fences used not in the enclosing of crops or animals are restricted to single height (if from the CKF or GSRP decor mod) or double height vanilla ARK railings.

Town names must be appropriate for the Old West in the 19th Century.

Buildings (with the exception of saloons) on Main Street should be a maximum of 5×7 foundations.  3 wall height limit if using CKF, or 4 if building with vanilla pieces. Single height decorative railings at the top of buildings do not count towards the height limit. Barns & homes should not be built on Main Street as this is the commercial hub of the town.

Saloons and hotels can be up to 8×10 maximum foundations, 4 wall height limit for saloons (6 if using vanilla pieces) and hotels, roofs do not count as floors or a wall. Saloons on homestead or ranch land must not be larger than 5×7 and a max of 3 walls high (4 if using vanilla pieces).

Jail cells should always have at least one permanently open window to the outside and should be made from CKF keep pieces (any of the realistic skins) or vanilla stone.

Banks that hold the town money must be made from either CKF keep pieces (any realistic skin) or vanilla stone and hold at least one vault which must be on the ground floor and on an ‘edge’ foundation, i.e. no further than 1 foundation depth’s distance from an exterior wall. Banks should also hold personal lock boxes for the town citizens. Citizens’ lock boxes may be on different floors but they should be situated on a wall between the 2nd and 3rd foundation from the exterior wall (on the inside face) to avoid damage from potential explosives. Outlaws will have the ability to break into the bank and steal the town’s money from the main vault. Please see the Mayor’s Handbook for more information about town banks and their building restrictions.

Banks may not be blocked off on any side.

Please see the breaking and entering rules for further information on bank robbery.

Ranches and businesses owned by town citizens that are not on the main street must be within a 25 foundation range of the sidewalk. It is important that towns take existing residents of an area into consideration before and during building. Do not encroach on existing settlements and consider any potential expansions to larger towns when choosing prospective locations. An area that works for a base town of 6 may well not work for a large town of 20.

Wall height no taller than 3 walls if using CKF or 4 if using vanilla and a 5×7 foundation maximum limit with gable and a-frame ceiling height with bell or clock tower if you so choose that can’t exceed 4 walls. Roofing does not count as a floor or a wall.  


Should an admin or mod find a build where nobody from the owning tribe or the owning individual has logged in in the past 7 days the build will be removed immediately with no warning. Should you be going away for a week or more please advise an admin or erect a sign outside your front door that says ‘on vacation until [date]’ to avoid it being destroyed. If you find an abandoned building you may not cause any damage to it, you should send a screenshot of the building with your map open and send it to a member of the staff team.



Homestead and ranch land can be claimed for free. A certificate is available from the bank if you would like to retain your land from season to season. At the end of the season we will announce when holding certificates can be purchased, like township deeds you must go to the bank and purchase it from a banker. 

Holding certificates are mandatory for towns who wish to continue into the following season.

The person who purchases the holding certificate MUST be the same person that redeems it, and if this is not done within a week your certificate and all money spent are forfeit. If someone else builds on your land demolishing the claim marker, contact an admin, claim jumpers will be subject to disciplinary action.


$ 200 Per Season

base town

$ 500 Per Season

small town

$ 800 Per Season

medium town

$ 1200 Per Season

large town

$ 1500 Per Season
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